Connecting the head

and the heart

Boston-based Indie-Electrofolk Art-Pop artist AO GRYVE (pronounced "A-Oh Greev") deeply connects listeners with the human experience through personal, authentic, and adventurous music. An anagram for "voyager", AO GRYVE's music represents outsiders on an endless search through the unknown. While moving freely between genres and styles, the music constantly grapples with identity, self-acceptance, and expression.

AO GRYVE is helmed by Joshua Jandreau, a classically-trained composer and multi-instrumentalist whose music has been premiered, performed, and recorded across the United States, Australia, and Europe by artists such as the Grammy-nominated Imani Winds, Grammy-nominated cellist Amanda Gookin, and Grammy award-winning hornist Andrew Pelletier to name a few.


In the artist's own words:

As a kid in high school I would stand in the front of classrooms and sell CD's for $1. I loved playing in bands and events at the school. My senior year I had a humiliating performance, and I didn't have the tools at the time to manage that. I stopped performing for more than a decade, writing and recording music in secret. It eventually got to a point where I had to stop running from myself, to accept myself for who I was. It hasn't been easy embracing that, but it's been infinitely more rewarding. I hope my music helps other people embrace themselves for who they are, and to stop running; to connect the head and the heart.

– AO GRYVE                              

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