B e h i n d   O u r   E y e s   L i e   S t a r s  

Recorded October 14th, 2011
The Seasons, Yakima, WA
Robert Frankenberry, piano / Denise Dillenbeck, violin / Kevin Krentz, 'cello

violin, 'cello, piano


Program Note

Behind Our Eyes Lie Stars explores how the measures of success in our lives influence who we are; in addition to how these influences cause us to treat other people.  The first expressive marking in the piece is "sweetly, but with distance" - indicating the initial pull of influence that success brings, inviting us to follow it further. 

Throughout the piece, the violin and cello become enamored with their own representations of themselves while the piano attempts to offer a grounded and realistic perspective. They eventually swell in frustration; the cello reaching up into the violin's register as if to strangle it, only to fall back down; the piano haphazardly attempting to ground into both of them through loud, sustained, syncopated chords. 

The piece ultimately climaxes with the violin rising into the stars as the cello falls back down to Earth, meeting the piano in peaceful acknowledgement of their ultimate failure.


 - Joshua Jandreau, 2011