Beware the L.O.V.E. Machine

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About the Score

Beware the L.O.V.E. Machine is written for sinfonietta with a couple of minor substitutions – piccolo instead of flute, and flugelhorn instead of trumpet. This piece was written June – September 2016.

Program Note

It is the thing that drives us, that moves us, that makes us leap into the unknown, for better or worse. It is the thing that unites us and divides us; the thing that reveals us and hides us. Some of us base our lives around it. Some of us are ruined by it and still others find only joy. It is the thing that inspires songs, movies, books, stories of triumph, the human condition, and future generations of us that will be relegated to maintaining all of its myriad mechanisms. It is the thing that makes us groan while smiling and makes us laugh until tears stream down our face. Beware the L.O.V.E. Machine is me, you, and anyone who's ever been all mixed up inside.


Piccolo Oboe Clarinet in Bb Bassoon Horn Flugelhorn Trombone Tuba Piano Percussion (1 Player) Violin I Violin II Viola Violoncello Contrabass

General Info

Duration: ca. 7' Premiered: October 14th, 2016

Performers: The Boston Conservatory Sinfonietta, Eric Hewitt, conductor