do not go quietly

About the Score

The score is transposed. Instruments that sound at the octave or double octave are notated at written pitch. All of the parts may be played by multiple players at the conductor’s discretion for integrity of balance; except where indicated in the score. The performance tempo may be different than indicated in the score – providing that the character of the music is preserved; the conductor should find tempi that work best for the group.
Do Not Go Quietly Into That Dark Night was written August to November, 2011.

Program Note

Do Not Go Quietly Into That Dark Night was inspired by a poem of a similar name written by Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (1914 - 1953). The poem was written for Thomas' father, who at the time was becoming weak and frail with old age. Hoping to inspire his father, the poem implies that one should not die without fighting for one's life. In writing this piece, I tried to encapsulate the contrast between struggling with fear of the unknown and the celebration of life. I also attempted to couple this with the emotional and psychological development of a person throughout their life; the vivacious and energetic naïveté of youth (characterized by the piece's style at the outset) and the inner resolution and wisdom that come with old age (characterized by the piece's style at the conclusion). – Joshua Jandreau, 2011


Piccolo Flute I, II Oboe I, II Clarinet in Bb I, II, III Bass Clarinet in Bb Bassoon Alto Saxophone in Eb I, II Tenor Saxophone in Bb Baritone Saxophone in Eb Horn in F I, II, III, IV Trumpet in Bb I, II, III, IV Trombone I, II Bass Trombone Euphonium Tuba Contrabass Timpani Percussion I, II, III, IV, V, VI

General Info

Duration: ca. 8' Premiered: April 2nd, 2012

Performers: The University of Maine Symphonic Band, Christopher White, conductor Collins Center for the Arts Orono, ME

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