Program Note

EARTH PIPES is an overall funky, dancing piece - full of energy with bouncing bass lines and tasty jazz-fueled licks. In writing EARTH PIPES, I sought to highlight the beautiful nature of the bassoon, presenting it in a surrealist fashion by writing for three of them. Constructing the piece in this way enables the typical roles of "soloist" and "accompaniment" to be blurred. Listeners are invited to think of the bassoons acting as a single entity as opposed to three. Each bassoon mirrors and augments portions played by the other instruments. The result is a feeling of unity where the bassoonists become one, creating a single super-bassoon in a single expression of bassoon-awesomeness.


Bassoon I

Bassoon II

Bassoon III

Piano (optional)

Fixed Electronics (optional)


General Info

Year(s) composed: 2015

Duration: 7:00'


July 14th, 2015

Scott Pool, bassoon / Maria Wildhaber, bassoon /

Daniel Beilman, bassoon

Reformation Church, Saas-Fee, Switzerland