E d l i n e

May 8th, 2012
Erskine Academy, South China, ME
Erskine Academy Jazz Combo, James Johnson

alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet, electric guitar, piano, bass guitar, and drum set


Program Note

Edline was the name of an online grade-delivery system used by my high school.  It was created for students to stay in touch with their grades throughout the year.  James and I always joked about writing a piece about Edline, and so, several years later I was presented with an opportunity to write something for the Jazz Combo.  I thought it would be a great chance to reminisce about an old joke between us; as well as create a unique and fun opportunity for the students to be able to premiere a new piece of music by a new composer.


The piece begins with a subdued groove in the drums and bass before a muted trumpet enters with a smokey announcement of the "head" (the main melody).  This laid-back section continues as the other two horns enter and then transition into a solo section.  The piece abruptly shifts into an up-tempo swing, and remains in this style throughout the duration of the piece.  I really enjoyed writing Edline and hope that there are more projects for Jazz Combo in the future.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - Joshua Jandreau, 2012