F o r   T h o s e   W h o   C a n n o t   S p e a k

October 16th, 2011
The Seasons, Yakima, WA
Yakima Symphony Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Bryan Warfield
directed by Lawrence Golan

2-2-2-2.2-2-2. timp + strings


Program Note

For Those Who Cannot Speak explores human interaction through the personification of individual instruments and full sections.  Throughout, instruments and sections struggle to find their unique voices and work to relate to one another as their personalities become more evident.  Some instrument express themselves bluntly, others share more than they should, and some prefer to ignore those around them.  The piece begins in a tonally and rhythmically uneven environment - the expressed conflict of people who keep their thoughts to themselves.  Gradually, the instruments become more confident; gathering their thoughts until they are intermingled in occasional bursts of sound - first antagonized by the woodwinds, second by the strings, and finally by the brass, who, in bluntly announcing their arrival, bring the piece to an energetic and frenzied climax.

      - Joshua Jandreau, 2011