F ü ü k ü l s p l ü ü t s

Program Note

Oh, a sleeping drunkard

Up in Central Park,

And a lion-hunter

In the jungle dark,

And a Chinese dentist,

And a British queen –

All fit together

In the same machine,

Nice, nice, very nice;

Nice, nice, very nice;

Nice, nice, very nice –

So many different people

In the same device.

– Bokonon, Fifty-third Calypso




Bb Clarinet

Horn in F



General Info

Year(s) composed: 2018

Duration: 4:30'


June 15th, 2018

Arthur Zenkel Recital Hall

Saratoga Springs, NY

Imani Winds

Julietta Curenton, flute

Toyin Spellman-Diaz, oboe

Mark Dover, clarinet

Jeff Scott, horn

Monica Ellis, Bassoon

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