I Dream In Static

Program Note

whales natural cluster crooked foggy moon vixen blabbermouth cold hazy electric island brave atmosphere noise disintegration growl bully sparkler calling amoral alcohol intimate fried wreck army autonomous feed door talk mythical indecent prefab projection envelope hacksaw degrading clot graffiti easier feelings tenth abattoir despair predator horrible capture daring berserker drum favorable disbeliever ego excuse abuse fold find analytical however founder billion freaky tiny evacuation blueberry costume blended electron prayer dirty bumper endorsement graveyard jar predict blinking bag common badlands fizz vinyl bellybutton pinwheel magnet frequent risky hopscotch paradox


Percussion 1

Glass Bottle

Crash Cymbal

High / Low Bongo

High / Medium / Low Tom

Bass Drum (shared)

Tam-tam (shared)

Percussion 2


Ride Cymbal

High / Medium / Low Wood Slat

High / Low Conga

High / Medium / Low Chinese Tom*

Bass Drum (shared)

Tam-tam (shared)

*May be substituted with traditional toms


General Info

Year(s) composed: 2017

Duration: 8:00'


February 2nd, 2018

percussion duo membranophōn

B.P. 406

L–2014 Luxembourg