I   j u S t   C A n ' t   M a k e   u P   M y   m I n d  

October 27th, 2012
Minsky Recital Hall, Orono, ME
Benjamin Cox, clarinet / Philip Silver, piano

clarinet, piano


Program Note

From first conception in early March 2011 until June 2012, the process of writing this particular piece has been an involved and unique process.  Technically speaking, I juSt CAn't Make uP My mInd is the third piece I wrote for my friend, clarinetist Benjamin Cox.  With each attempt, I found the prospect of deciding exactly what I wanted to do to be more and more laborious.  It was during this third installment that I decided not to bother with trying to decide; instead leaving the music to drift where it wanted.  The result is a 10-minute escapade that travels everywhere from slinky and subdued to chamber Jazz and Klezmer; urging the players to play "alla Zingaro!" ("like a Gypsy!") among other things.

Affectionately subtitled "squealing in two movements," I juSt CAn't Make uP My mInd is divided into two five-minute movements of wildly contrasting styles.  Throughout the piece, references to the soloist are made with tremolos either notated b-c for the performer or sounding b-c for the audience.  Though the initial intention was to write a concerto, sporadic cadenzas and soloistic passages call to mind more of a rhapsodic style than anything else.  Obviously, this piece isn't really organized other than the fact that it's divided in half; which is sort of a poetic way to split a whole lot of nonsense.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               - Joshua Jandreau, 2012