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With music described as "dreamlike" by the Portland Press Herald, composer, songwriter, and teacher Joshua Jandreau creates multimedia art that reframes traditional thinking and fosters personal connections. His music ranges from the traditional to the experimental, freely associating genre, aesthetic, and medium.

Upcoming projects include a new commission highlighting mental health awareness for Massachusetts-based chamber ensemble SAMPLE and a new EP of music released under his indie project AO GRYVE set to release fall of 2021.

Recent projects include a piece for 8–12 pianos honoring composer Elliot Schwartz performed at the Portland Conservatory of Music in Portland, Maine; Blague Fantastique, a 90-minute work that mixes performance art, music, and audience interaction to explore the culture of expectation; And I'll call you by mine, a sound-reactive light installation with live electronics and acoustic performers, commissioned by the Boston New Music Initiative for their 10th season; QU4RT3T 4 TH3 N3W M1LLEN14L for string quartet, fixed electronics, and mannequin arms that explore commercialism and consumer culture. 

Jandreau's been has been premiered, performed, and recorded across the United States, Australia, Switzerland, and Germany by artists and ensembles such as the Grammy-nominated Imani Winds, members of Fifth House Ensemble, the Boston New Music Initiative, Black Sheep Contemporary Ensemble, Sonic Liberation Players, duo membranophōn, Resinosa Ensemble, the Yakima Symphony Chamber Orchestra, the Atlantic Festival Orchestra, Grammy-nominated cellist Amanda Gookin, and Grammy award-winning hornist Andrew Pelletier to name a few.

An active educator, Jandreau teaches piano and brass in the greater Boston area, maintaining private studios of 60 students. He has been awarded several grants for educational and community outreach, has partnered with charity organizations and led successful crowd– funding campaigns to donate instruments and music to schools, and is an active advocate for arts education, being selected as a guest speaker for the 2016 Arizona Music Educators Association Conference held in Phoenix, Arizona.

When not writing music, he is a winemaker. 

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