Program Note

Kasl is an overall zippy, rhapsodic piece - full of drive, bounce, and enthusiasm. Naturally, music written for a solo instrument seeks to reveal and illuminate not only the skill of the performer, but beauty inherent in the instrument. In writing Kasl, I sought to heighten the beautiful nature of the horn by presenting it in a surrealist fashion, coupling acoustic performance (in the case of the solo instrument) with optional additional performers and electronic accompaniment. The electronic accompaniment mirrors and augments the portions played by the other three optional live horn players, who are in turn mirroring and augmenting the soloist. The result is a feeling of unity where the soloist becomes one with their aural surroundings in a single expression of horn-awesomeness.


Solo Horn

Horn I (optional)

Horn II (optional)

Horn III (optional)

Fixed Electronics (optional)


General Info

Year(s) composed: 2014

Duration: 6:30'


October 25th, 2015

Andrew Pelletier, horn / Garret Krohn, horn /

Kristin Ronning, horn / Lukas Dickow, horn

Bryan Hall, Bowling Green State University