K y r y n e


​February 25th, 2013

Joshua Jandreau, piano

Katzin Concert Hall, Tempe, AZ




Program Note


Some words sound more beautiful than others.  Take for example "moist" and "harbor."  Many people would agree that the latter sounds and feels more pleasing to say than the former.  The study of this phenomenon is called "Phonetics."  In writing Kyryne I looked for a word that would most accurately fit the sound of the piano playing the music, and this particular word that I came across happened to sound (to me) the most fitting.

Kyryne incorporates the use of sympathetic vibrations; which the dictionary defines as "a vibration produced is one body by the vibrations of exactly the same period in a neighboring body."  In this case, the "bodies" are actually other strings inside the piano.  Because each string length between notes is different and is never exactly reproduced, the echoing pedal effect is caused by the resonance of the lower strings; left to vibrate freely by being depressed by the left arm of the performer.

The lower strings sympathetically vibrate by sharing overtone series' with the notes that are played by the right hand.  The result is a crystalline swirling of vibrating strings that (to my mind) illicit a sound best described by the word "kyryne."

 - Joshua Jandreau, 2012