O f   U n f a t h e r e d   W o o d  

Recorded November 17th, 2011
Minsky Recital Hall, University of Maine, ME
Ryu Mitsuhashi, violin / Alan Clark, violin / Abigail Nash, viola / Marisa Solomon, cello

violin, violin, viola, 'cello


Program Note

When a Luthier begins to construct an instrument, they begin with a solid piece of wood; eventually creating something that, in turn, brings joy to others. In writing Of Unfathered Wood, I sought to explore the potential of that which is naturally occurring; one of the reasons why, though this piece is dissonant and at times atonal, includes no accidentals. In addition, no individual voice is more important than any other (though some have some shining moments) – each piece of “wood” contributes in a holistic way to the overall sound of the ensemble, and it is through this composite sound that melody and harmony are created. The piece is comprised of three sections: the first being slower and expressive, the second being a quasi-minimalist groove, and the third being sort of a jaunty, joyous pastoral.

                                                                                                                                                                          - Joshua Jandreau, 2011