• Joshua Jandreau

New Release: "Feel"

TODAY is THE DAY: "Feel" is available to stream on all major platforms!

Huge thanks to Momo Hasselbring (@peachlake on Instagram) for the brilliant cover art and audio wizard Pete Maher for mastering.

Last November I posted about stepping in a new direction. This track, "Feel" is the first real step in this direction. I actually wrote most of this in Fall 2018, and this past January, when I realized I had been sitting on it for as long as I had, I knew I needed to get it off my hard drive.

One time in an interview David Bowie was asked how he stays artistically fulfilled. He talked about how when you wade into the water, if you walk, there's a point where you can just barely touch the bottom. It's in that place that he liked to work. It's a place where I like to work, too.

I've got so many more tunes that I'm excited to share, and I hope that the 6:26 of this track can give you a chance to get out during these strange, strange times.

Here's to not "feel"-ing the bottom:




If you're able, please consider supporting this track through bandcamp. Today, bandcamp is waving all fees so 100% of your contribution goes directly to artists.

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