• Joshua Jandreau

Review: "Curving Flowers Shimmering Fire"

Curving Flowers Shimmering Fire was described by The Portland Press Herald as having "an attractive dreamscape quality...that evoke – or at least, hint at – the sound of distant waves, or a gently rolling stream."

Was such a cool event created and organized by Philip Carlsen with music brought to life by a fearless group of pianists: Francis Kayali, Bridget Convey Pianist, Jesse Feinberg, George Lopez, Gulimina Mahamuti, Melsen Carlsburg, Chiharu Naruse, Steven Pane, and Jim Parakilas.

Grateful and indebted to them and to Phil for their work and for the opportunity. Despite the weather, the space was filled to capacity. I never had the privilege to meet Elliott Schwartz, but I like to think he would have appreciated so many folks coming out on a snowy night in the spirit of adventure.

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