S n o w

November 16th, 2013
Minsky Recital Hall, Orono, ME
University of Maine Collegiate Chorale, Christian Giddings, director.
Commissioned by Christian Giddings

SATB a cappella choir



The sky is broken.
It fractures, it falls.
Bringing death shadowed
by hope.
Such nonsense stands to
Beautiful nonsense.

                              - Christian Charles Giddings (b.1990)

Program Note

If you have ever seen the way snow falls at night; as it passes from the void of darkness to the crepuscular rays of street lamps and house windows before resting in a tangled blanket of its ancestors, then you might have wondered for a fleeting moment if there were something more buried within.

The text of Snow, written by Christian Charles Giddings (b.1990), calls to mind a lackadaisical awareness of both natural folly and goodness to the way the world spins; creating - in my mind at least - sort of a sigh of reflection.

The flowing lines of Snow mirror the movement of the snowflakes as they fall to Earth while the purity of the a cappella choir reflect the purity of the newly-formed snow.  The text is repeated three times through; each time the texture increasing in thickness as the snow falls; eventually coming to rest as it is consumed by the dark of night.

                                                   - Joshua Jandreau, 2012